Error codes returned by APIs

Detailed reference of the Dapr API error codes

For http calls made to Dapr runtime, when an error is encountered, an error json is returned in http response body. The json contains an error code and an descriptive error message, e.g.

    "errorCode": "ERR_STATE_GET",
    "message": "Requested state key does not exist in state store."

Following table lists the error codes returned by Dapr runtime:

Error Code Description
ERR_ACTOR_INSTANCE_MISSING Error getting an actor instance. This means that actor is now hosted in some other service replica.
ERR_ACTOR_RUNTIME_NOT_FOUND Error getting the actor instance.
ERR_ACTOR_REMINDER_CREATE Error creating a reminder for an actor.
ERR_ACTOR_REMINDER_DELETE Error deleting a reminder for an actor.
ERR_ACTOR_TIMER_CREATE Error creating a timer for an actor.
ERR_ACTOR_TIMER_DELETE Error deleting a timer for an actor.
ERR_ACTOR_REMINDER_GET Error getting a reminder for an actor.
ERR_ACTOR_INVOKE_METHOD Error invoking a method on an actor.
ERR_ACTOR_STATE_DELETE Error deleting the state for an actor.
ERR_ACTOR_STATE_GET Error getting the state for an actor.
ERR_ACTOR_STATE_TRANSACTION_SAVE Error storing actor state transactionally.
ERR_PUBSUB_NOT_FOUND Error referencing the Pub/Sub component in Dapr runtime.
ERR_PUBSUB_PUBLISH_MESSAGE Error publishing a message.
ERR_PUBSUB_FORBIDDEN Error message forbidden by access controls.
ERR_PUBSUB_CLOUD_EVENTS_SER Error serializing Pub/Sub event envelope.
ERR_STATE_STORE_NOT_FOUND Error referencing a state store not found.
ERR_STATE_STORES_NOT_CONFIGURED Error no state stores configured.
ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED_STATE_OPERATION Error transaction requested on a state store with no transaction support.
ERR_STATE_GET Error getting a state for state store.
ERR_STATE_DELETE Error deleting a state from state store.
ERR_STATE_SAVE Error saving a state in state store.
ERR_INVOKE_OUTPUT_BINDING Error invoking an output binding.
ERR_MALFORMED_REQUEST Error with a malformed request.
ERR_DIRECT_INVOKE Error in direct invocation.
ERR_DESERIALIZE_HTTP_BODY Error deserializing an HTTP request body.
ERR_SECRET_STORES_NOT_CONFIGURED Error that no secret store is configured.
ERR_SECRET_STORE_NOT_FOUND Error that specified secret store is not found.
ERR_HEALTH_NOT_READY Error that Dapr is not ready.
ERR_METADATA_GET Error parsing the Metadata information.

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