Giving a presentation on Dapr

How to give a presentation on Dapr and examples

We welcome community members giving presentations on Dapr and spreading the word about all the awesome Dapr features! We offer a template PowerPoint file to get started.

Download the Dapr Presentation Deck

Giving a Dapr presentation

  • Begin by downloading the Dapr Presentation Deck. This contains slides and diagrams needed to give a Dapr presentation.
  • Next, review the docs to make sure you understand the concepts.
  • Use the Dapr quickstarts repo and samples repo to show demos of how to use Dapr.

Previous Dapr presentations

Presentation Recording Deck
Running Event-Driven Pub/Sub Microservices In Kubernetes With Dapr Link N/A
Ignite 2019: Mark Russinovich Presents the Future of Cloud Native Applications Link Link
Azure Community Live: Build microservice applications using DAPR with Mark Fussell Link N/A
Ready 2020: Mark Russinovich Presents Cloud Native Applications Link Link
Ignite 2021: Mark Russinovich Presents Dapr v1.0 Release Link N/A

Additional resources

There are other Dapr resources on the community repo.