Dapr Roadmap

The Dapr Roadmap is a tool to help with visibility into investments across the Dapr project

Dapr encourages the community to help with prioritization. A GitHub project board is available to view and provide feedback on proposed issues and track them across development.

Screenshot of the Dapr Roadmap board

View the backlog

Please vote by adding a 👍 on the GitHub issues for the feature capabilities you would most like to see Dapr support. This will help the Dapr maintainers understand which features will provide the most value.

Contributions from the community is also welcomed. If there are features on the roadmap that you are interested in contributing to, please comment on the GitHub issue and include your solution proposal.


The Dapr Roadmap progresses through the following stages:

📄 Backlog

Issues (features) that need 👍 votes from the community to prioritize. Updated by Dapr maintainers.

⏳ Planned (Committed)

Issues with a proposal and/or targeted release milestone. This is where design proposals are discussed and designed.

👩‍💻 In Progress (Development)

Implementation specifics have been agreed upon and the feature is under active development.

☑ Done

The feature capability has been completed and is scheduled for an upcoming release.

✅ Released

The feature is released and available for use.

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