run CLI command reference

Detailed information on the run CLI command


Launches Dapr and (optionally) your app side by side


dapr run [flags] [command]


Name Environment Variable Default Description
--app-id An ID for your application, used for service discovery
--app-port -1 The port your application is listening o
--run-path Linux & Mac: $HOME/.dapr/run, Windows: %USERPROFILE%\.dapr\run Path for run directory
--config Linux & Mac: $HOME/.dapr/config.yaml, Windows: %USERPROFILE%\.dapr\config.yaml Dapr configuration file
--enable-profiling Enable pprof profiling via an HTTP endpoint
--dapr-grpc-port -1 The gRPC port for Dapr to listen on
--help, -h Help for run
--image The image to build the code in. Input is: repository/image
--log-level info Sets the log verbosity. Valid values are: debug, info, warning, error, fatal, or panic
--max-concurrency -1 Controls the concurrency level of the app
--placement-host-address DAPR_PLACEMENT_HOST localhost The host on which the placement service resides
--port, -p -1 The HTTP port for Dapr to listen on
--profile-port -1 The port for the profile server to listen on
--protocol http Tells Dapr to use HTTP or gRPC to talk to the app. Valid values are: http or grpc