logs CLI command reference

Detailed information on the logs CLI command


Get Dapr sidecar logs for an application.

Supported platforms


dapr logs [flags]


Name Environment Variable Default Description
--app-id, -a APP_ID The application id for which logs are needed
--help, -h Print this help message
--kubernetes, -k true Get logs from a Kubernetes cluster
--namespace, -n default The Kubernetes namespace in which your application is deployed
--pod-name, -p The name of the pod in Kubernetes, in case your application has multiple pods (optional)


# Get logs of sample app from target pod in custom namespace
dapr logs -k --app-id sample --pod-name target --namespace custom

Warning messages

This command can issue warning messages.

Root certificate renewal warning

If the mtls root certificate deployed to the Kubernetes cluster expires in under 30 days the following warning message is displayed:

Dapr root certificate of your Kubernetes cluster expires in <n> days. Expiry date: <date:time> UTC. 
Please see docs.dapr.io for certificate renewal instructions to avoid service interruptions.

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