Azure Key Vault

Detailed information on the Azure Key Vault cryptography component

Component format

A Dapr crypto.yaml component file has the following structure:

kind: Component
  name: azurekeyvault
  - name: vaultName
    value: mykeyvault
  # See authentication section below for all options
  - name: azureTenantId
    value: ${{AzureKeyVaultTenantId}}
  - name: azureClientId
    value: ${{AzureKeyVaultServicePrincipalClientId}}
  - name: azureClientSecret
    value: ${{AzureKeyVaultServicePrincipalClientSecret}}

Authenticating with Microsoft Entra ID

The Azure Key Vault cryptography component supports authentication with Microsoft Entra ID only. Before you enable this component:

  1. Read the Authenticating to Azure document.
  2. Create an Microsoft Entra ID application (also called a Service Principal).
  3. Alternatively, create a managed identity for your application platform.

Spec metadata fields

Field Required Details Example
vaultName Y Azure Key Vault name "mykeyvault"
Auth metadata Y See Authenticating to Azure for more information

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