Dapr Python SDK integration with Flask

How to create Dapr Python virtual actors with the Flask extension

The Dapr Python SDK provides integration with Flask using the flask-dapr extension.


You can download and install the Dapr Flask extension with:

pip install flask-dapr

pip install flask-dapr-dev


from flask import Flask
from flask_dapr.actor import DaprActor

from dapr.conf import settings
from demo_actor import DemoActor

app = Flask(f'{DemoActor.__name__}Service')

# Enable DaprActor Flask extension
actor = DaprActor(app)

# Register DemoActor

# Setup method route
@app.route('/GetMyData', methods=['GET'])
def get_my_data():
    return {'message': 'myData'}, 200

# Run application
if __name__ == '__main__':