Dapr API 错误代码的详细参考

For http calls made to Dapr runtime, when an error is encountered, an error json is returned in http response body. Json 包含错误代码和描述性错误消息,例如

    "errorCode": "ERR_STATE_GET",
    "message": "Requested state key does not exist in state store."

下表列出了 Dapr 运行时返回的错误代码:

错误代码 描述
ERR_ACTOR_INSTANCE_MISSING 获取 actor 实例时出错。 This means that actor is now hosted in some other service replica.
ERR_ACTOR_REMINDER_CREATE 为 actor 创建 reminders 时出错。
ERR_ACTOR_REMINDER_DELETE 删除 actor 的 reminders 时出错。
ERR_ACTOR_TIMER_CREATE 为 actor 创建 timer 时出错。
ERR_ACTOR_TIMER_DELETE 删除 actor 的 timer 时出错。
ERR_ACTOR_REMINDER_GET 获取 actor 的 reminders 时出错。
ERR_ACTOR_INVOKE_METHOD 对 actor 调用方法时出错。
ERR_ACTOR_STATE_DELETE 删除 actor 状态时出错。
ERR_ACTOR_STATE_GET 获取 actor 的状态时出错。
ERR_PUBSUB_NOT_FOUND 引用 Dapr 运行时中的 Pub/Sub 组件时出错。
ERR_PUBSUB_FORBIDDEN Error message forbidden by access controls.
ERR_PUBSUB_CLOUD_EVENTS_SER Error serializing Pub/Sub event envelope.
ERR_STATE_STORE_NOT_FOUND Error referencing a state store not found.
ERR_STATE_STORES_NOT_CONFIGURED Error no state stores configured.
ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED_STATE_OPERATION Error transaction requested on a state store with no transaction support.
ERR_STATE_GET Error getting a state for state store.
ERR_STATE_DELETE Error deleting a state from state store.
ERR_STATE_SAVE Error saving a state in state store.
ERR_INVOKE_OUTPUT_BINDING Error invoking an output binding.
ERR_MALFORMED_REQUEST Error with a malformed request.
ERR_DIRECT_INVOKE Error in direct invocation.
ERR_DESERIALIZE_HTTP_BODY Error deserializing an HTTP request body.
ERR_SECRET_STORES_NOT_CONFIGURED Error that no secret store is configured.
ERR_SECRET_STORE_NOT_FOUND Error that specified secret store is not found.
ERR_HEALTH_NOT_READY Error that Dapr is not ready.
ERR_METADATA_GET Error parsing the Metadata information.
Last modified January 1, 0001