InfluxDB binding spec

Detailed documentation on the InfluxDB binding component

Component format

To setup InfluxDB binding create a component of type bindings.influx. See this guide on how to create and apply a binding configuration.

kind: Component
  name: <NAME>
  type: bindings.influx
  version: v1
  - name: url # Required
    value: "<INFLUX-DB-URL>"
  - name: token # Required
    value: "<TOKEN>"
  - name: org # Required
    value: "<ORG>"
  - name: bucket # Required
    value: "<BUCKET>"

Spec metadata fields

Field Required Binding support Details Example
url Y Output The URL for the InfluxDB instance "http://localhost:8086"
token Y Output The authorization token for InfluxDB "mytoken"
org Y Output The InfluxDB organization "myorg"
bucket Y Output Bucket name to write to "mybucket"

Binding support

This component supports output binding with the following operations:

  • create
  • query


In order to query InfluxDB, use a query operation along with a raw key in the call’s metadata, with the query as the value:

curl -X POST http://localhost:3500/v1.0/bindings/myInfluxBinding \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -d "{
        \"metadata\": {
          \"raw\": "SELECT * FROM 'sith_lords'"
        \"operation\": \"query\"