Set up an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster

Learn how to set up an Azure Kubernetes Cluster

This guide walks you through installing an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster. If you need more information, refer to Quickstart: Deploy an AKS cluster using the Azure CLI


Deploy an AKS cluster

  1. In the terminal, log into Azure.

    az login
  2. Set your default subscription:

    az account set -s [your_subscription_id]
  3. Create a resource group.

    az group create --name [your_resource_group] --location [region]
  4. Create an AKS cluster. To use a specific version of Kubernetes, use --kubernetes-version (1.13.x or newer version required).

    az aks create --resource-group [your_resource_group] --name [your_aks_cluster_name] --node-count 2 --enable-addons http_application_routing --generate-ssh-keys
  5. Get the access credentials for the AKS cluster.

    az aks get-credentials -n [your_aks_cluster_name] -g [your_resource_group]

AKS Edge Essentials

To create a single-machine K8s/K3s Linux-only cluster using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Edge Essentials, you can follow the quickstart guide available at AKS Edge Essentials quickstart guide.