AWS Kinesis binding spec

Detailed documentation on the AWS Kinesis binding component

See this for instructions on how to set up an AWS Kinesis data streams

Setup Dapr component

kind: Component
  name: <NAME>
  namespace: <NAMESPACE>
  - name: region
    value: AWS_REGION #replace
  - name: accessKey
    value: AWS_ACCESS_KEY # replace
  - name: secretKey
    value: AWS_SECRET_KEY #replace
  - name: streamName
    value: KINESIS_STREAM_NAME # Kinesis stream name
  - name: consumerName 
    value: KINESIS_CONSUMER_NAME # Kinesis consumer name 
  - name: mode
    value: shared # shared - Shared throughput or extended - Extended/Enhanced fanout
  • region is the AWS region.
  • accessKey is the AWS access key.
  • secretKey is the AWS secret key.
  • mode Accepted values: shared, extended. shared - Shared throughput, extended - Extended/Enhanced fanout methods. More details are here
  • streamName is the AWS Kinesis Stream Name.
  • consumerName is the AWS Kinesis Consumer Name.

Output Binding Supported Operations

  • create